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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  November 3, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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campaign season. a last minute push for ballot meas. plus - where california vots stand in the presidential r. " residents try to cope wite new normal...sandy turned neighborhood blocks into pis of debris...we'll have that . where california voters stand in the presidential race. residents try to cope with a new normal. after hurricane sandy turned neighborhood blocks into piles of debris. a surveillance photo flushes out a forgetful lottery winner. it is 7:00 on saturday morning november 3rd. thanks for joining us. election day is just three days away in california. a final pre election survey by the nonpartisan field poll shows obama leading mitt romney. the 15 point gap is considered a big lead.
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back in september obama had a 24 point lead. experts say romney has managed to improve his standings among a lot of california voters. this last weekend before election day we are expecting a big push from political cam pands. bay area ballot counters have noticed something different this election season. around our district there is probably about at least eight or nine spot corners like this. >> corners where schoolteachers are waging a last minute battle for voters to support proposition 3. hikes they say would stop more education cuts. they are targeting undecided voters. those who would make up their mind in the polling booth. boy if you haven't mailed them by now you are getting
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really risky about that ballot. >> steve weir has talked to civics groups, about which propositions to support. it shows on voters ballots. >> if you look at our tally equipment you can see where people change their mind. not on candidates, on measures. >> all that eleventh hour head scratching is putting the squeeze on clerk's offices from san francisco to contracosta. those who are voting are waiting and waiting. >> causing an influx of last minute ballots. >> until now and with so many mail in ballots still out, it is a sign there is time to sway votes. a reminder your ballot is due by 8:00 p.m. at your county office on election night. the registrar says at this late point in the game it is probably best to turn it in, in person.
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and one of the most closely watched measures in california is proposition 34. that initiative wants to replace the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole. some recent poll numbers show 45% of those in california want to get rid of the death penalty by voting yes. 38% want to keep the death penalty. supporters of prop 34 say it could save the state $130 million every year. >> we have in the last 34 years sentenced 900 people to death and we have carried out 13 executions. that means 99% of the time we said this person was going to be executed, we lied. >> talk to police officers, deputy sheriffs, those out on the front lines every day. they will tell you that they know that without having the possibility of the death pen
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out there, their lives are at stake. >> opponents of prop 34 say the death penalty deters criminals. big campaign donations in the california election will remain a mystery on election day. a state appeals court side with a group from arizona that continued $11 million to defeat prop 30 and support prop 32. americans for responsible leadership, the court agreed with the group, saying it may withhold documents as it appeals a lower court ruling. tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning, a closer look at the ballot measure that would limit funding to political campaigns. why organized labor is fighting back against prop 32. we have representatives from both sides joining us live in the studio tomorrow. that starts at 7:30 a.m. here on cbs5. new this morning a strong earthquake shook a southern island in the philippines today. it superb shored 6.9 and was
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centered on an island. so far no reports of any damage or injury. today president obama is holding a meeting in person and by phone on recovery efforts following superstorm sandy. the governor of several states will take part along with members of the president's cabinet. the number of people killed in the northeast stands at 10, that includes 41 people in new york city alone. right now 2.7 million customers are without power across 15 states and the district of columbia. economic terms could reach $50 billion. one of the hardest hit areas is new york's staten island. good morning. >> and good morning to you. good to be with you. >> reporter: what a difference a morning makes. just in the last hour the energy in this neighborhood has been just completely transformed. you have volunteers coming in from all over the place trying to lend a hand and clean up the mess sandy left behind.
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here's an example a home has been turned into rubble. it is estimated the storm could cost as much as $18 billion in new york alone. michael moore spent hours at his staten island home trying to push out the mud hurricane sandy brought in. >> michael and his wife, karen, were home with their young children, when a wave of water rushed down their new york block and into their front door. >> it is absolutely terrifying. you think you are going to die. >> reporter: more than half the people killed in new york city died in staten island. many say they feel abandoned. >> we are the forgotten island. nobody remembers us. >> reporter: sandy damaged just about every home in this staten island neighborhood. here half a sofa is crushed by what is left of the roof. the entire house is rubble, and residents say the surge of water here was at least 10 feet high. the new york city marathon was scheduled to start on staten
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island sunday, but friday night organizers canceled the race. >> it wasn't the marathon we knew and love. if there were people who were pained by the running of it. >> most runners seemed to agree, but many are still upset the decision came so late. >> i definitely would have understood. but not do it on the eleventh hour. you just don't do that. >> reporter: meanwhile, the hunt for gas continues. >> i don't believe this. >> reporter: to shorten long lines at the pump governor chris christie announced a new rationing system in parts of new jersey. drivers can now only fuel up every other day. >> reporter: and here in new york the wait at gas stations doesn't seem to be letting up either. we actually saw lines of cars stretching for more than four city blocks. >> the new york city marathon we have been talking about that. that is off. but there is a marathon
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happening this weekend in staten island. what is the goal of that race? >> reporter: yeah, that's correct. it is sort of a grass roots effort. it is the staten island marathon for sandy relief actually started by a local couple to raise awareness for so many people hurting here. actually going to be tomorrow. a 5 krun every hour on the hour beginning at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. starting off at a local grocery store just about a mile and a half away. >> there is actually no mandatory fee to compete, they are hoping people come out and give their support. donations are pouring into the hard hit areas of the east coast right now including cbs corporation, which has given a million dollars to the american red cross. in addition cbs is matching any contributions made by cbs employees to any sandy-related
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relief effort by making an additional contribution to the american red cross. four people are in the hospital following a drive-by shooting last night in menlo park. multiple shots were fired near the intersection of ivy drive and windemere avenue. officers found four men who had been shot. witnesses saw two cars a black honda and a black acura speeding away from the shooting. police have not established a motive and they don't have a description of the suspects either. the four male victims are in the hospital and one is in critical condition. in other headlines around the bay area, chevron's richmond oil refinery should be fully functional again by early next year. the crude oil unit was devastated by a massive fire back in august. chevron is working on repairs right now, they have been since
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that fire. the oil company's output was down by more than 100,000 barrels over a year ago. that decrease first blamed on the fire. it is the first saturday in november. that means crab fishing season is underway in northern california. recreation al fishermen will have 12 days to catch those. they are limited to 10 crabs per catch. sesame street's elmo and his civic duty. still to come the puppet-based protest rallying support for public broadcasting. >> the chances of me conceding naturally would be very slim. in this morning's health watch a wake up call for women who want to have babies. this is a special weekend because it is 49 hours long. we are falling back, which typically means temperatures are falling as well. not the case as you'll see in
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my extended forecast, coming up.
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both mother and baby. but obesity also makes it harder a woman to get pregnant in t welcome back.
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being obese increases the risk of pregnancy for mother and baby. it also makes it harder for a woman to be pregnant in the first place. a growing number of women are going under the knife to change all of that. >> she always dreamed about being a mom. but seven years ago, it didn't seem possible. she weighed 340 pounds, had high blood pressure and was pre diabetic. her doctor gave her devastating news. >> the chances of me conceiving naturally would be very slim, practically impossible. >> the 33-year-old said that was her wake up call. >> that is when i started resoldierching weight loss surgery. >> bariatric surgeons say a growing number of women are resorting to surgery. >> having excess fat changes the concentration of the hormones that actually regulate menstruation and ovulation. >> half of american women over
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age 20 are overweight or obese. experts say losing 10% of your body weight can improve fertility and help prevent miscarriage. >> the highest chance of miss marriage is a chance of a high weight for baby. >> she got a big surprise. >> yes, i was pregnant. >> reporter: she now has two boys and weighs 160 pounds. >> if someone would have told me then that this would be my life now, i would have laughed in their faces. >> she is happy with her weight and even happier with her family. cbs5 health watch. things may be heating up on election day. we are not talking about the political drama, but we are talking about the weather. bay bridge is going to be a mild, sunny day for the most part here in the bay area. gorgeous shot there. remember tonight is the night we set our clocks back an hour.
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an extra hour of sleep. current temperatures right now in the 50s around most of the bay area, concord 50. santa rosa 50 degrees. we are going to see the warm up in store. >> reporter: weather is going to be absolutely fantastic coming up over the next couple of days. the only thing extra i have to offer you is an extra hour. tonight we will gain one hour of sleep. you are going to lose an hour of daylight during the day, because sunset is going to be one hour earlier. 5:07 the sunset on sunday. the sun going down early, but you will get so much sunshine coming up on both of our weekend days. we'll be dry for the next several days because there is a huge ridge of high pressure building in. the process has already begun. the front brought us some cloud cover during the evening. the rain stayed in extreme
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northern california because high pressure is shoving the storm track literally where it is going to stay for about a week. a little bit of fog for some of the interior valley. high pressure gets big and stronger, we are going to get a dry north west flow of air, that is going to give you a lot of sunshine on sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. toward election day tuesday we may have record highs with some of you getting into the 80s. bottom line high pressure and control, this weekend it is all about the 70s. highs in the upper 70s midland. on monday and tuesday the peak of the heat we'll have near record highs. rainfall, going to stay away for now. highs for this afternoon, livermore 76.
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mid-70s 70. san mateo topping out at 70 today. san rafael 73. downtown san francisco right around 70 degrees. warmer on sunday, even warmer on monday and tuesday mainly sunny skies, approaching 80 near the bay. we'll begin a cooling trend wednesday. by next friday rain returns with highs only in the upper 50s. enjoy the sunshine, you'll have it today and tomorrow. we can just call it california dreaming for a lucky grandmother. family vacation plans after winning $23 million. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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truffles in oil. the present ta is already growing. the butter melts right on top. don't flip it once you add the butter, because you'll burn it. i have it on medium heat so it done burn and not cook in the middle. the present ta is hot. >> present ta and eggs go together. we are going to put eggs on top of the polenta and on the butter
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side. >> absolutely. >> look how beautiful that is. lovely. well you have heard of the million man march. now the muppets are staging a march of their own today. we are going to vote to decide what we are going to have for snack time. >> despite superstorm sandy thousands are expected to join the million muppet march at the national mall. funding for public broadcasting transformed into an election issue after mitt romney picked on big bird during one of the debates. in sports a tough night on the football field for the cal bears. the warriors were at home trying to get their second win of the new season. here's vern glenn with the highlights. >> reporter: the warriors are 2-0 for the year. but i can't say it. they lost their opener last night. bring it up from oracle arena.
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18,000 strong waiting for the warriors to roll-out and do their thing against the memphis grizzlies. you had the opening pleasantries and then it was on. turnovers. hurt the warriors over and over again. memphis was up by 14. second half here come the warriors. curry brings it. he had 26 points. warriors down by three. but the grizzlies applied the dagger by rudy. memphis wins 104-94. cal on a friday night hosting the washington huskies. look at cal on the reverse. getting tricky. cal was up 13-7. look how far back the quarterback is. they complete the pass for the touchdown. the huskies go up by one, they led 21-13. zach maynard the cal quarterback injured his left knee on this
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play. cal now 3 and 7 as they lose from 21-13 final. we are coming back later on, on cbs5. a special 8:00 newscast. why? because we are following lsu and alabama, the biggest college football game on the board. see you later, everybody. are forced to ration gas rm sandy. coming up, one more look at today's top stories. where drivers are forced to ration gas, due to superstorm sandy. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. the number of people killedn superstorm sandy in the here's a look at this morning's top stories. the number of people killed in superstorm sandy has now reached 109. more than 2.5 million are still without electricity and gasoline rationing goes into effect today in new jersey. in a field poll released today president obama leads mitt romney 54-3% in california. but since september romney has been able to erase mr. obama's lead from a 24-point gap to 15. we are expecting sunny skies and warm temperatures this weekend. we are taking a live look outside of the city of san francisco right now, and this is what it is going to look like
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tomorrow at 6:30, because we are all going to be setting our clocks back tonight. don't forget about that. we may see seeing record high temperatures on tuesday, so prepare for a warm-up into next week. and tomorrow on weekend early edition eyewitness news this morning rather, hurricane sandy and the presidential election. our political insiders have two different takes on the president's meeting with new jersey's govern nor. barack obama and christie stood up and did what you are supposed to do if you ared leader. >> go and find the camera at the beach and hug a couple of people and take off. >> plus the debate over funding political campaigns prop 32. we are going to have both sides that have debate live in studio tomorrow on eyewitness news starting at 7:30 a.m. and a $23 million blessing claimed in just the nick of time. a grandmother said she is going to use some of the cash to take
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her family to disneyland. she collected her big prize yesterday, the ticket was set to expire at the end of the month. it was hidden in her car's glove compartment. she can't believe it was her daughter who the lottery was looking for. >> she said i'm going to text you a picture and you tell me who it is. so i put my 99-cent glasses on and i had to put two pairs to see and it was my daughter and i thought she robbed a bank. >> the daughter bought that ticket. most of the $17.8 million will be used to care for her two special needs boys and she is going to buy a pair of athletic shoes for herself. thanks for joining us today. enjoy your saturday. join us tomorrow at 7:30. ,, ,,,,,,
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